Episode 09: Perfect Strangers

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Show Notes: 

After a bit of a dry spell we've got tonnes of news coming our way.

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Links to stories we talked about

  • Manhunt 2 Receives Adult Only Rating: Link
  • Map of Manhunt 2 bans by Country: Link
  • Wii Cursors for your PC: Link, Link
  • Metroid Prime 3 Control updates: Link
  • Harry Potter receives a 7.8 from IGN: Link
  • Video showing the DS connecting to the Wii for Pokemon (youtube): Link
  • Update on VIP stars to Wii point conversion: Link
  • Free Wii Remote Keychain if you buy Big Brain Academy: Link

Thanks for watching :)

Episode Details

2007/06/28 - 12:31pm
Arvin Singla
Ben Van Dongen