Episode 05: Crunch Time

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Show Notes: 

Sorry to everyone for the delay with this episode. We explain it all in the show so make sure you check it out. This is definitely the most loose and free flowing episode we've done, and quite frankly I like it! It took us WAY less time to shoot and I think our episodes are going to be done this way from now on.

Oh! and for those that don't know, the Julian reference is from the awesome Canadian show Trailer Park Boys.

Links to stories we talked about

  • Online Details For Mario Strikers Charged Revealed: Link
  • When will Wii play online?: Link
  • Official Mass Storage USB for Wii!: Link
  • Developers talk about the new Internet Channel: Link
  • Nintendo fights Wii Modchips with a new motherboard: Link
  • WiigoBot: The Wii Bowling Robot: Link
  • Guitar Hero Confirmed for Wii: Link
  • Win 1 of 6 specially designed Wii's (Canadians Only): Link
  • Win a Wii from your local Mac's Milk (Canadians Only): Link

Upcoming Games

Viewer Email Links

  • Nintendo Brand Wifi Dongle: Using this dongle you can turn your PC which is connected to the internet into a wireless access point for your Wii - Link
  • KINAMAX USB to Ethernet Dongle: Plug this into the back of the Wii, and then connect a standard Ethernet cable directly into your Wii. Best and cheapest solution for a wired network. Link

*Please note that we have not tested the Kinamax wired solution, it is simply news which has been posted online. If it doesn't work for you, we take no responsibility.

Bash the PS3

  • Phil Harrison tries to Auction PS3 at concert for Charity: Link

Thanks for watching :)

Episode Details

2007/04/10 - 12:06pm
Arvin Singla
Ben Van Dongen