Episode 19: Having a good time

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Show Notes: 

Life is getting busier but we're still podcasting up a storm. We're happy that we're able to consistently put out episodes bi-weekly like we originally promised. I am debating keeping the podcast in HD format however. With all the editing issues I'm having it's going to be alot easier for me to go back to standard definition. The image of course thanks to the new camera will still look great. Just no HD versions of the footage.

Sorry for all those waiting for Wii Teach Yous. I promise the next episode I will be covering connecting your Wii Remote to your Mac.

Please remember to keep on adding reviews for us on iTunes. Every little bit helps.

Links to stories we talked about

  • Nintendo Announces Wii Pay & Play: Link
  • Wii Ware and Wii Fit dates revealed: Link
  • Linux runs natively on the Wii: Link
  • Wii Menu updates to 3.2: Link
  • Using the 'Twilight Hack,' man runs Tetris: Link
  • Guitar Hero Replacement discs are here: Link
  • Activision offering full refund for non-dolby discs: Link
  • Wii Ware game Defend the castle: Link
  • Capcom blog says RE Zero port still has hope for North America: Link
  • One-handed Wii controller is a feel-good mod: Link
  • Mario Kart Wii Text chat: Link

Episode Details

2008/03/02 - 8:11pm
Arvin Singla
Ben Van Dongen