Episode 15: It's a long one

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Show Notes: 

A whopper of an episode for you with lots of bells and whistles. Especially with how delayed our episodes get we thought we'd pack a lot into this one. We managed to get our hands on a good camera to film this episode. However our lighting still sucks so the camera didn't help all that much. But thanks to Laura for that anyway.

Unfortunately given how long the episode is we'll work our 48 hour film competition entry into the next episode. Plus I'll put it online on my website www.arvinsingla.com for those really interested in seeing what we did.

Please remember to keep on adding reviews for us on iTunes. Every little bit helps :)

Links to stories we talked about

  • Nintendo PR Rep says Friend codes are here to stay, and no hard drive planned: Link
  • RUMOR: House of the Dead 2 & 3 will hit Wii in compilation disc: Link
  • Wii to drop MP3 support, add AAC in Photo Channel update: Link
  • Super Mario Galaxy Adds Parent & Child Play Mode: Link
  • Guitar Hero 3 for Wii is Mono sound only, Activision embarrassed: Link
  • Make your own stages in Super Smash Bros Brawl: Link
  • Spectator mode added to smash bros, even bet on the winner: Link
  • Recordable Brawls revealed for Smash Bros Brawl!: Link
  • Wii Production at 1.8M Per Month but still can't keep em in stores: Link
  • Mario Galaxy highest rated game on gamerankings: Link

Game Reviews

  • Super Mario Galaxy: Link
  • Guitar Herio III - Legends of Rock: Link

Bash the PS3

  • PlayStation 3 losses now over $1 billion: Link
  • 40GB PS3 loses backwards compatiblity: Link

Episode Details

2007/11/19 - 1:40am
Arvin Singla
Ben Van Dongen