Episode 14: Back in the groove!

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Show Notes: 

Another episode is finally in the bag. It was hard getting the time to get together and shoot this thing. Especially considering the big secret plans we originally had for this episode, and all the stuff we wanted to do on the site.

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Links to stories we talked about

  • Wii Remote Jacket free for all Wii OWners: Link
  • Wiimote Jackets to Cost Nintendo $18 Million: Link
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Joins the Brawl!: Link
  • Download DS Demos Via Your Wii: Link
  • Rockstar Responds to Latest BBFC Ban: Link
  • New Wii Firmware update: Link
  • Neo Geo now part of the Virtual Console!: Link
  • Smash Bros. Brawl delayed in US until February 10, 2008: Link
  • Win Manhunt 2 Branded Wii: Link
  • Old people + Wii Bowling championship = serious business: Link
  • Wii Transfer, Media sharing for Mac Owners.: Link

Episode Details

2007/10/23 - 10:49pm
Arvin Singla
Ben Van Dongen