Episode 13: The unlucky one

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Show Notes: 

Consider this the solo news episode. Unfortunately neither of us has had the time to play any new games for reviewing purposes. And with the Tokyo Game Show just finishing up we'll have even more news for the next episode. So todays is chalk full of the news that's been going on in the last few weeks.

Like we mentioned in the episode the best thing people can do to help us promote the podcast is to submit reviews on iTunes. Unfortunately you need to have a credit card to create an iTunes account so if you don't mind the hastle it will help us out tremendously.

Links to stories we talked about

  • Online play for smash bros confirmed: Link
  • Starwars force unleased on Wii: Link
  • Wii Sells 1 million in UK: Link
  • 98% of people polled want online chat: Link
  • Nintendo nSider forum shuts down: Link
  • Oblivion Game engine for Wii: Link
  • Resident Evil: umbrella Chronicles info: Link1, Link2

Bash the PS3

  • Lair metascore: Link

Episode Details

2007/09/24 - 8:06am
Arvin Singla
Ben Van Dongen