Episode 12: We're on time

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Show Notes: 

So we managed to get our act together and shoot/edit the episode relatively on time. Ben took part in the editing process and we managed to shoot and edit the episode all in a matter of about 4 hours total. Not too shabby!

Everyone should definitely check out Ben on Gavin Booths How many days!. Filmmaker Gavin Michael Booth is on a mission to meet 12 of the Hollywood professionals that have inspired him in his career thus far.

Anyone interested in sending in Wii praise for the next episode of Infotainment hour a show on our local University radio station should send emails to [email protected]

Other notable sites for infotainment include the Myspace page and thier blog

Links to stories we talked about

  • Manhunt 2 is a go for October 31st: Link
  • Wii passes Xbox 360 in total sales: Link
  • Wii Sells 1 million in UK: Link
  • Everybody Votes Channell has 100th poll: Link
  • Control music on your PC with your wii remote: Link
  • DVD Player For Wii Beta 1.0: Link
  • IGN gets hands on with Guitar Hero III: Link
  • Sega Launches Nights Homepage: Link
  • Wii, The Greenest Gaming Console: Link
  • IGN Master Release date list: Link

Episode Details

2007/09/04 - 9:05am
Arvin Singla
Ben Van Dongen